Details + Accessories

Bijoux Dessert Stands

A mix of wood, marble and white washed iron, these footed stands are as elegant as they are useful. Your macaroons and cupcakes will never look prettier. Our most popular set to date. Set of 8 includes the 4 pictured plus 1 3-tier, 1 large all wood, and 2 large marble and wood (pictured below). Available as a set or individually, inquiries welcome.

Dimensions: All marble 10″; rustic iron 7″; all wood 1-tier 5.25″ H x 13.5″ dia; marble and wood 12″ dial 3 tier all wood 16″ H x 12″ dia bottom, 10″ dia middle, 8″ dia top
Inventory: Set of 8 – 2 wood three-tier, 1 large wood,  3 marble/wood, 1 all marble, 1 iron
Rental Fee: $15-25 per piece,  $125/set of 8

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Dessert table, scattered throughout event, styled shoot. Please see listings below for cake stands individually.

Large Wood Cakestand-12 in.

Cake Stand Large – All Wood

Dimensions: 5.25″ H x 13.5″ diameter; base 6.25″ diameter; serving area 11.75″ diameter
Inventory: 2
Rental Fee: $20

Marble and Wood Cake Stand - 12 in.

Marble and Wood Cake Stands

Dimensions: 12″ diameter; 4.25″ height
Inventory: 2
Rental Fee: $25

3 Tier Wood Stand

3 Tier Stand – All Wood

Dimensions: 16″ Height x 12″ diameter w/ 10″ diameter middle & 8″
Inventory: 2
Rental Fee: $20

Details + Accessories, Bellerose Urn Trio

Bellerose Urn Trio

White washed cast iron Urns.  There’s nothing like the real thing.

Dimensions: Large: 9″ tall, Mouth of opening 5.25″, Total Diameter, 8.75″
Dimensions: Small(2): 5″ tall, Mouth of opening 2.75″,  Total Diameter 4.25″
Inventory: Set of 3
Rental Fee: $30/set of 3

Welcome, Accent Table, Bridal Suite, Sweetheart table, Head Table, styled shoot

Stanhope Bronze Candlesticks

The classic bronze candlestick,  recreated with a modern edge. Oh, the places they’ll go. Sets of 3:  Small, Medium & Large

Dimensions: Small, medium, & large in a set
Inventory: 60/20 sets of 3
Rental Fee: $15/set of 3 or $175/set of 20

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Details + Accessories, Concrete Taper Holders

Concrete Taper Holders

“the coolest table top detail to hit Raleigh’s event scene” – anonymous event planner

Dimensions: 6-1/2″ & 8-1/4″H Cement Taper/Tealight Holder, 3 Styles
Inventory:  60/20 sets of 3
Rental Fee: $15/set of 3

Details + Accessories, Marble Taper Trio

Marble Taper Trio

Classic marble gets a modern update: Geo shaping with soft edges.

Dimensions: 4″-6″H Marble Taper Holder, White, 3 Styles
Inventory: 24/8 sets of 3
Rental Fee: $15/set of 3

Details + Accessories, Marble Taper Holders

Marble Taper Holders

Dimensions: 3″ H
Inventory: 12
Rental Fee:  $2 each

Details + Accessories, Grey & Black Marble Candle Holder

Grey & Black Marble Candle Holder

Dimensions: 3″ H
Inventory: 24
Rental Fee:  $2 each

Details + Accessories, Marbled Votive/Flower Holders

Marbled Votive/Flower Holders

With their unique coloring and texture, the Marbled Votive/Flower Holders feature a range of warm ivory, copper, gold and gray tones that vary from piece to piece, and will beautifully complement  styled events that range from nature inspired to classically elegant.

Dimensions: 4″H x 3″Diameter
Inventory: 60
Rental Fee: $25/set of 12  or  $100/set of 60

Details + Accessories, Rose Gold Quartz Votives

Rose Gold Quartz Votives

Giving the look of rose quartz, these delicate rosy gems have a gold interior that illuminates a beautiful glow when lit. The octagon shape feels modern and feminine at the same time.

Dimensions: 3″H x 3″Diameter
Inventory:  48
Rental Fee: $15/set of 12 or $75/set of 48

Details + Accessories, Smoke Quartz Votives

Smoke Quartz Votives

Dimensions: 3.25″H
Inventory: 20
Rental Fee: $15/set of 10

Details + Accessories, Urban Rustic Votive

Urban Rustic Votives

Dimensions: 3″ H
Inventory: 50
Rental Fee: $15/set of 12, $75/set of 50

Details + Accessories, Rose Copper Votive

Rose Copper Votive

Dimensions: 3″H x 3″diameter
Inventory: 20
Rental Fee: $15/set of 10

Details + Accessories, Malverne Antique Silver Tray

Malverne Antique Silver Tray

This beloved oval tray, steals the show every time. Gracious and lovely, she loves being styled up with beautiful invitations and the bride and grooms rings. Oh and her patina…

Dimensions: 22″W x 16″L
Inventory: 1
Rental Fee: $30

Details + Accessories, Ogston Vintage Trophy

Ogston Vintage Trophy

One of our very favorite pieces. A stand alone piece, although if you want to get fancy, it has served as the perfect vessel for a  mass of wild flowers, or a bottle of champagne.

Dimensions: 10″H, mouth of opening 6.5″
Inventory: 1
Rental Fee: $20

Sweetheart table, Welcome table,  accent table, Bridal Suite, Cigar Lounge, styled shoot

Details + Accessories, Soiree Lanterns

Soiree Lanterns

With its cutout pineapple-inspired pattern,  our Soiree Ceramic Lantern is as timeless as it is current. The soft creamy white satin glaze accentuates the lantern detail, while a gold interior,  provides a glowing wash of candlelight. Your next evening soiree deserves these lovelies.

Dimensions: 8″H
Inventory: 10
Rental Fee: $8/each

Details + Accessories, Grey Green Vase

Grey Green Vase

Dimensions: 6″Diameter, 8.75″Height
Inventory: 3
Rental Fee: $8/each

Details + Accessories, Round Glass Vase

Round Glass Vase

Dimensions: 7″Diameter
Inventory: 6
Rental Fee: $6/each

Details + Accessories, Gabriel Candelabra

Gabriel Candelabra

Modern, dramatic.  This authentic bronze beauty,  holds 8 candles.

Inventory: 1
Rental Fee: $20

Gables Mid-Century Book Collection

20 shades of green  /or/ blue + pretty and thought provoking titles. A stylist’s best friend for adding height and interest to vignettes, dessert tables or any type of display.

Inventory: 2 sets of 20
Rental Fee: $50/set

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