Is it a coffee table or a cocktail table?

So, there are coffee tables and cocktail tables. Do you know the difference? This question had us curious too. Our curiosity led us to doing some Internet research and eventually turned into this blog post. Not to mention, what we learned led to the subsequent re-naming of our tables 🙂 

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What’s a cocktail table?

According to this article, before the 19th century, those low-lying tables in living spaces were called cocktail tables. Their main purpose? To be a place to put your drink and a book. They were especially popular during the roaring 20s. There seems to be no consensus for when the term cocktail table was coined – who knows how long they’ve been around!

What about a coffee table?

Coffee tables got their name for holding “coffee-table” books. Therefore, in general, coffee tables tend to be sturdier and thicker compared to their cocktail counterparts. Additionally, they tend to be a bit shorter than cocktail tables.

Examples of our cocktail tables

As you know, we’re in the event industry. After this research, we decided that our tables more closely aligned with the name “cocktail table”. That is, you’re more likely to but a cocktail on one of our tables than a coffee table book! So you might notice their new names.

Corinth Coffee Table in front of white shiplap wall

This is our Corinth Cocktail Table. It’s a charming piece of furniture that brings a comfortable, yet sophisticated vibe to your lounge area. It has a smooth antique grey finish, trestle and a pair of vase-shaped balusters make this cottage cocktail table a stand out.

Palm Beach Cocktail Table

Bring on the texture with our Palm Beach Table. Its lower profile and crowd-serving size is great for lounge areas. The white washed wood and airy design is elegant, yet modern and casual at the same time ?

Tiffany Marble Cocktail Table

Isn’t our Tiffany Marble Cocktail Table just dreamy? A jewelry-inspired brass-finished setting gently clasps a beveled marble top for a simplified form that lets the beauty of the materials shine.

Mercer Cocktail Table - simple, gold coffee table in white room

Last, but definitely not least, our Mercer Cocktail Table. Our exquisite glass-topped cocktail table with a mirrored shelf is a beautiful addition to your lounge vignettes. Crafted of high quality glass, mirror and solid iron. Antique golden brass finish. Simple lines, combined with thoughtfully elegant surfaces, makes the Mercer tables are new favorites.

Brooklyn Settee setup in living room
Lounge Packages

Also, let’s not even start with accent tables, side tables, and end tables. But we have those toowhatever you may call them!

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